Joanna strives to embrace Yoga and Ayurveda in all aspects of her life and her passion is creating powerful herbal remedies with an abundance of healing plants for her own product line. Her products are all hand-crafted, using only the finest Hemp which is organically grown in Oregon, 3rd Party Tested and all full spectrum. I interviewed her recently about her line of CBD infused Bitters. 

Me: Why CBD and Ayurveda?
Joanna: “CBD is a phenomenal molecule within the cannabis plant that has its own healing power which amplifies and synergizes with so many plants in the plant kingdom, many of which are used in Ayurvedic formulations and teas. Ayurveda is a medical science based on energy and nature; cannabis has its own inherent healing energy in its natural form. Combining cannabis oils, which balance our own EndoCannabinoid System, with Ayurvedic routines, education, oils and herbs offers a complete and holistic form of healing that works.”
Me: Why Bitters?
Joanna: “Bitters, organic cane alcohol extractions of botanicals, historically have been used to assist in digestion, balance assimilation, and add flavor plus aroma-therapeutic qualities to drinks.”
Me: Why CBD and Bitters combined?
Joanna: “Why not! They taste delicious, they are good for digestion, and they assist in the balancing of the ECS. What’s not to love?!”