Comfortably Numb Naturally

The Fountain of Youth?


Maybe! Our faces are our signature, our own blueprint of who we are. As we age, they age with us and show signs of all of our living, both good and bad. Too much of the sun we all love, the effects of all the wine/cocktails, not enough sleep, stress, bad eating habits and the “whoops” I forgot to take off my make-up before bed…..again! So how can we slow down the facial aging, correct problems and prevent future issues.
CBD might just be the answer. The US government has actually done studies on the effectiveness of transdermal application of CBD for skin issues such as eczema, rosacea, acne, and psoriasis with amazing results! If it can work this well on problem areas, it makes sense it can work well PERIOD!
“Not only does CBD have amazing anti-inflammatory properties, but it has higher antioxidant levels than vitamins A, C, and E, which means it is very effective to promote and sustain younger-looking skin.” states Michele Zagorski, the owner and formulator of Zagorska CBD infused Facial products.
We met Michele at her spa in beautiful Ashland in So. Oregon. I took one look at her face and knew, we had found something magical. At 48 years old, her face looks like that of a 25 year old. I immediately said, “I want a face like yours!”
So how did this Purdue Engineering graduate end up in So. Oregon in the skin care business? Michele tells us, “Both my husband and I were engineers at a Fortune 500 company back east. Pregnant with our first child, we quickly realized we wanted a different lifestyle, one closer to the earth and more organic, so we quit the corporate world and moved to the mountains outside Ashland.”
“Skin care was always my passion so I began making organic products and as my formulations became more elegant, I was encouraged to sell my products. I opened up a boutique shop and spa, Zagorska Oasis, with an emphasis on reconnection to nature, customization, detox, and rejuvenation.”
She was shocked at what she learned when she took a formulating course for cosmetic chemists. She states, “I learned that there are such things called ‘claims ingredients,’ and that chemists are encouraged to put as little as possible of these actives in their formulations to cut costs. Even the big-name, expensive lines are about 70% water, some fillers, lots of petro-chemical based synthetics, and just trace amounts of actives that they can put on the label.”
Michele went on to formulate her products to be effective without considering the cost of ingredients. She uses organic aloe vera juice or an herbal infusion; never uses water. She chooses organic & wild crafted whenever possible, and of course high percentages of actives, which makes her products very concentrated and effective. “I pride myself on my ingredients and the potency of my products. My customers have to learn to use smaller amounts than what they are used to.” Michele explains.
Now comes the CBD part! Why did she decide to add this compound and a nano enchanced one to her already amazing ingredients? Michele answers, “When I discovered that the skin is full of cannabinoid receptors, I knew this was a marriage made in heaven, and CBD needed to be in my skin care.”
Michele was already familiar with nano, or liposomal ingredients, since she was formulating with them due their increased effectiveness and bio-availability. These ingredients can be used in smaller quantities with much larger effects. A liposomal delivery system helps to draw the other active ingredients deeper with it, while stabilizing and protecting from oxidation (oxidation creates free radicals, which harms the skin and causes premature aging).
I asked her about the name, Zagorska. “My husband is from Poland, and my married name has a beautiful meaning. The root of Zagorska is ‘gora’, which means mountain and ‘Za’ means over or behind. In Poland, a noblewoman’s last name ends in ‘ska’, and a nobleman’s ends in ‘ski.’ Together, my name means ‘She (the noble woman) who lives over (or behind) the mountain’, and since I live over a mountain pass from Ashland, it felt right to use Zagorska for my skin care and spa businesses.” Michele explained.
She goes on to say “When your name is on your products, it means something. I put myself, my love, and my positive energy into every batch of skin care. That good juju just can’t be found in mass produced, factory-made stuff. The studies are there, and I believe CBD is the future of skin care. We plan on growing our own crop of industrial hemp on our farm, so in the future my CBD skin care line will literally be Farm to Face!”