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  • Karen Watts Nauman

‘Snake oil’ mentality witnessed in Florida

After 2 trips to Jupiter, Florida in 2019, I saw the desperate need to get some sort of regulation of CBD here and in other non-Cannabis states.

CBD is here, there and everywhere but lots of ‘snake oil,’ and mostly people selling it without any extensive knowledge about their product, how to take it effectively and the science behind it. I was appalled at the prices, lack of expertise and misinformation.

Example #1; I went to a farmer’s market where there were 3 booths selling CBD. One had only isolate products and told a customer wrong info on how to administer it. They told them take 3 drops of a low mg dosage oil tincture. Sorry, they won’t feel anything, and they spent a lot of money. The other didn’t even know what his product was nor, could they answer my questions correctly. The 3rd one was more legit, and they knew their stuff.

Example #2; At a gated, mostly senior complex they bussed a load of seniors over to a pharmacy, where everyone bought a jar of CBD cream for $100. This same jar is only worth approximately $40 at a reasonable price.

I spoke at 2 events and felt confident that I was able to educate a few people so that they could feel more confident in knowing the basic science, what are good products, how to dose and what to look for. This is my mission!

A blind study done by NBC Miami found, “Of the 35 samples we tested, 20 of them had less than half of the amount of CBD advertised on the label. Some samples had no CBD at all.” We are happy to say that our oil tinctures, CBDistillery had tested to have about the same amount of CBD inside the product as listed on the labels.

Consumer Reports did an excellent piece on “How to shop for CBD.” It talks about the importance on how the Hemp is grown and where, the testing of both the crops and the finished products and what to look for on labels.

It upsets me to know that people are being duped badly and are not going to be able to fully experience what CBD can offer. They will walk away from it and say, “I didn’t feel any different and I spent a lot of money.” And then tell all their friends and possibly scare them away.

By: Karen Watts Nauman

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