• Karen Watts Nauman

Daily Dosing CBD

Daily dosing CBD = Homeostasis

Science has proven that CBD does work to help manage pain, anxiety, sleeplessness, depression and so much more. Micro dosing it daily should be a part of your continuous efforts to keep healthy and sane.

Just like you take your vitamins, eat healthy and exercise, daily CBD dosing can help everything else you do, be much more effective. You will find that dynamic equilibrium called Homeostasis, which regulates every metabolic process in the body to keep things running as they should.

What is Micro-dosing? In general, it is a means to manipulate the receptors and gain a desired physiologic response with less drug. Start low and go slow. Smaller, more consistent doses are better for absorption. With self-experimentation, one will discover their personal ideal CBD daily dose.

“My personal daily dosing ranges from 20mg on a regular basis to over 50mg, if I’m in pain. For the 20mg, I take 2 of our capsules, I prefer the Super C and the Sleep. Sometimes, I’ll take a swig of the oil if I need immediate relief and do love our 15mg honey pack in a nice tea.”

To refresh our knowledge of the ECS (Endocannabinoid System), a “Cannabinoid” is the name given to any compound that interacts with the ECS, including the those found naturally (endocannabinoids) and the ones from plants (phytocannabinoids). When we reward ourselves by leading a healthy lifestyle, our endocannabinoids are enhanced, but become more so with the help of a phytocannabinoid / CBD.

If you’re looking to feel more relaxed, calm, and balanced with improved focus and attention throughout the day, then micro dosing might be the perfect fit. The smaller consistent doses taken throughout the day tend to lead to fewer side effects like drowsiness and or feeling too relaxed.

While taking a larger dose in the evening might be the best way to get a full night’s rest, micro dosing might help the body remain more balanced and calmer throughout the day, ultimately leading to a sound night’s sleep.

The bottom line is that a functional endocannabinoid system, which is hardwired into all of us, is essential for good health. Once you build it up and correct any deficiencies, you will feel homeostasis returning to your body, layer by layer improving your overall health.

Karen Watts Nauman

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