• Karen Watts Nauman

Never too late; Tina’s journey

I’m grateful for my healing journey with CBD and want to help others start theirs. It’s a process but those willing to try it and stick with it, can see significant benefits.

One special lady did and it’s making a big difference in her life. Tina and I went to the same Catholic grade school in SE Maryland burbs of DC. We were best friends, like sisters, but I moved west in my early 20s and we drifted in and out of communication over the years. We hadn’t spoken for 10 years but as family normally does, we reunited recently.

Tina has battled many demons including alcoholism, mental illness and PTSD. By the time she was 30, she had been violently raped twice by strangers at gunpoint, suffered a major brain injury from a horrific car accident, grew up with an abusive alcoholic father and lost her first husband/father of her 2 boys to cancer in her 30’s.

She was misdiagnosed in her early 40s as bipolar and prescribed 5 psychotic drugs a day, which she was on for 18 years. Tina later found out she was suffering mostly from the PTSD, along with anxiety and depression and finally found the right doctor and medicine.

Last Fall we reconnected, she shared her issues and asked for guidance. Tina wasn’t sleeping, had zero energy, was eating horribly, taking sleeping/anxiety drugs, gained a lot of weight, was depressed and started drinking again.

I started her with 25mg of the 1000mg oil tincture once daily for first 3 days, then twice daily (50mg) and when needed. After a week, she was sleeping better and had more energy. I explained the endocannabinoid system (ECS) and how by healing this system, one can improve their overall health both physically and mentally.

Her diet was chock full of unhealthy carbs and sugars along with irregular eating habits, she knew she needed a change. Tina took me up on the Keto Diet challenge and surprised me on how well she took to it. This diet was recommended to me by Dr. Rachel Knox for the best diet to kickstart ECS healing. She stayed “clean Keto” for 6 weeks, lost 20-30lbs, felt her energy improving and learned how to eat healthier.

Tina has been consistent with taking 50-60mg CBD oil daily now for 7-8 months. I worked with her monthly to monitor how it was working. She noticed benefits quickly; she was able to decrease her meds, started losing the desire for alcohol, had energy to get out of the house more, was sleeping better and re-ignited her passion for hobbies like cooking and gardening. Her two sons, 22 & 26 were living with her during the pandemic, and both suffered mentally. Tina gave them the oil as well, the youngest for a month, and both saw improvement. They now know that there is a plant medicine to help with those mentally rough patches in life.

I want to emphasize that Tina is under the care of a doctor who is acceptive of using CBD as a natural alternative to anxiety/depression meds and has prescribed the right medication to fight the PTSD. Together the two therapies, chemical and plant based are working. She has seen results and doesn’t want to ever go back to the “dark side.”

I can’t be prouder of her and her quest for natural healing and am so grateful for our lifelong friendship.

BY: Karen Watts Nauman

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