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  • Karen Watts Nauman

CBD and Aging Pets

This was Madison, our 16 yr old Havanese, a rescue from 10 years ago who recently passed. She had been taking CBD for 3 years every day and it really helped with her skin problems, mobility issues and lately her doggie dementia.

Dogs and most mammals have a similar anatomy as humans do, which includes an endocannabinoid system. CBD works directly with this nervous system benefiting them, as it does us.

CBD can help soothe dogs; especially during separation anxiety, thunderstorms, fireworks, social anxiety, and traveling.

It’s been found to help treat: Allergies, skin problems, appetite, arthritis, cancer, chronic pain, seizures along with aging, digestive, inflammation, joint & mobility Issues. It can also treat acute ailments like sprains, strains, torn ligaments, bone breaks, and help with post-operative recuperation.

Dosing will include a trial & error period, start with 1 – 5 mg per 10 lbs. of body weight. Start on the low end and work your way up depending on how your pet reacts. It is normal for them to possibly have tummy issues at first, they will get used to it. Using it as a topical, just put it where it hurts.

We gave Madison our Numb Drops for dogs with a peanut butter flavor oil tincture; she loves it because it helps her feel better. We also use the oil tincture as a topical. Other options are dog treats.

Disclaimer: Always good to check with your vet before giving your pet any products.

Karen Watts Nauman

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