It’s been over a month since my “fun flare-up” of Diverticulitis and I am finally feeling back to normal. But it’s been an eventful experience! The RSO oils experiment was a “hoot,” I took way too much and ended up very high on 2 occasions. I am an experienced Cannabis user BUT nowhere near the volume or intensity of what I was taking.  

A dear friend and “Canna Sister,” Heather Robinson got me started with the RSO. She is a specialist and has helped many in learning how to use it medicinally. She has also been able to put into remission her Crohn’s disease with using high doses of Cannabis.

She ordered a syringe of RSO oil for me to pick up at a dispensary. It was a small syringe with a motor oil consistency, BUT this little amount had a whopping 850mg of THC in it. Usually I would only take maybe 10-20mg a day. Heather told me to fill empty gel capsules with this “sludge.” I did except my capsules were big ones and I filled it with WAY TOO much, approximately 80-100mg. Then I took one before she had a chance to look at my photo of one filled to say….NO not that much, only a grain of rice size. It was too late!

I made it through the intense 3 hours of a monster high by taking CBD to calm it down and drinking lots of water. Learning a big lesson, I continued the smaller amounts at approximately 10-20mg each, several times a day and started to see a faster recovery and experienced less pain.

With the worst over, I am still taking Cannabis daily by microdosing THC, CBD and CBG with approximately 20 – 40mg THC, 30mg CBD and a small amount of CBG.  (CBG is the precursor from which all other cannabinoids are synthesized and has enormous therapeutic promise.)

Now for the diet, what to do? I was lucky to have had the opportunity to hear the Knox family of doctors speak a few weeks back. They operate the American Endocannabinoid Clinic, the 1st ever in the country that specializes in treating this vital body system. They work with cancer patients and other debilitating diseases worldwide. I inquired about my disease and if treating this system can help. Their answer was a big yes.

People don’t understand that treating this system is not just about adding Phytocannabinoids (THC, CBD etc) but working on your diet, reducing stress and keeping active. This system is the one that can help balance a person’s health and wellness, so that all other systems can function at a higher capacity.  

Dr. Rachel Knox, the Stanford trained daughter came up to me after hearing my questions and told me, “Go on Keto for a month, then we can work on the other ways to heal this vital system.” OK!

I’ve had other friends try to tell me all about how great the Keto diet was, but I wasn’t having any of it. But the advice from a doctor I greatly trusted was enough to say, “sure why not!” Even though it was the opposite of my dieting life, I started eating a LOT of fat and very little carbs. Now 3 weeks later, I am feeling great and have noticed my disease ease up significantly and feel confident I can now manage it and live a decent life.

I go for a Colonoscopy in a month and am anxious to see if my efforts have helped my disease. All I know is that I don’t want this disease to return and don’t want it taking over my life like it has. For this I am extremely grateful for the advice and the availability of the finest Cannabis in the world. Now to help others!