Comfortably Numb Naturally

My sister’s pharmaceutical HELL (by Karen Watts)

Our sister has been deemed, “mentally ill” now for 8 years. She has been “diagnosed” with severe depression and anxiety and has become addicted to a slew of antidepressants. My other sister and I are at our wits end with this practice of subscribing more and more drugs. In the meantime, she just gets worse and her body is wasting away and not functioning very well.
Her journey to this state of mind and illness is heartbreaking, in that we did not have any indication of it for her 57 years of living. It was almost like she woke up one day and snapped and was never the same again. Before this she was a divorced (but friendly with the ex,) mother of 2 fine young adults, dating a younger guy, living in a nice enough home in the mountains of northern Maryland and doing part-time work.
What triggered this all must have been the death of our mother however, momma lived a good long life of 87½ years and died peacefully. Our sister seemed to be taking it fine but this only lasted 3 months. There were other minor ups and downs that we now look back on and realize what happened mostly, is that she lost her coping mechanism.
She has been and out of mental hospitals in 2 states many times, suicide attempts such as death by cop, bleach drinking and laying in a road, along with bouts of aggression or catatonic state. Doctors can’t find anything medically wrong and psychiatrists just keep changing up the drugs.
I’ve always been interested in natural healing and after witnessing all of this, I now have a driving passion to scream, “STOP THE DRUGS!” And I was the “stoner” growing up and the youngest of 4. My siblings laughed at me and never did partake. Me, I did for 42 years medically and recreationally and tried to limit pharmaceuticals. At almost 59 years old, I am very healthy and I credit CBD with my recent health status.
This is one of the reasons I started Comfortably-Numb, to possibly help people get off all of the horrible chemicals and instead use plant medicine. It works, is scientifically proven and most importantly it is NATURAL.
I don’t know if my sister can be saved, we are hoping to find financial help to get her into a detox program and then use natural medicine to build back her strength. We already lost our older brother 4 years ago, also poisoned by pharmaceuticals along with toxic chemicals. All I know is that this insanity has to stop and I hope I can help little by little.
Stay healthy and “comfortably numb!”