Comfortably Numb Naturally

My journey to the healing powers of CBD

I moved up to Portland from So. California 9 months ago for opportunity, both for my new husband and myself. We loved living in Long Beach and was sad to leave, yet excited about a new adventure. My long time career with the international film and advertising industry had come to an end. Wow, what a great experience this career was, but the international traveling had taken a toll on my aging body.
Speaking of aging, at 58 years old, I am healthy and very fit for my age YET the aches and pains are inevitable. As an advocate of Cannabis for many years, I always did prefer this natural plant to pharmaceuticals, yet I knew nothing about the CBD component of the plant until I moved. I found out about Tokeativity and at my first event, I was given samples and this started my education and passion for this amazing healing component.
My biggest health issues are Chronic IBS, acid reflux and a busted up body from all my activity and moderately strenuous lifestyle. When I ingested the CBD pill the first time, I could not believe how relaxed and completely comfortable I was, I felt like I was floating. And my sleep was magical that night.
My reaction immediately was, “why don’t more people my age know about this?” We all laugh about the fact that when older people socialize, we tend to talk about our “ailments!” Many of my friends do not share my appreciation of Cannabis because they do not want the psychedelic high. But CBD does not have this component and instead works with the cannabinoid receptors for pain, anxiety and tremors. I need to spread the word!
On a recent trip back to So. Cal, I took samples of Empower Oils to give out to friends. Many knew nothing or had heard of it but thought it had the “high” factor. I ended up educating many enthusiastic listeners and knew this was my calling.
So welcome to Comfortably-Numb, lets all collaborate and get the word out about this amazing healing plant.