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How long does CBD stay in the body and more questions answered.

Customers have asked us these questions; how long do the effects of CBD last, the duration it stays active in the system and what happens if I stop using it? Also, can it show up on a drug test?
The effects of CBD can last about 3-4 hours; depending on your body, the dosage and what benefits you are receiving. As for how long it stays in your system, studies have shown about 3-5 days. In one study from University of Arizona, participants in a double-blind experiment were given extremely high doses of CBD, about 700mg per day for six weeks. The participants blood was tested one week after stopping the dosing and there was no trace of CBD found.
With drug testing, Companies do not test for CBD. Drug tests are designed to find hard drugs and THC, the psychoactive cannabinoid found more abundantly in marijuana (Hemp’s plant cousin). Whereas, hemp-based CBD products, by law must contain less than .3% of THC.
This very low amount of THC will not get you high. However, if your employer does require drug testing or does random testing, this small amount can be detected. This is because THC gets stored in the body’s fat cells and takes more time to dissipate.
If you are subject to drug testing and would like to experience the benefits of CBD, then you should go with an isolate. CBD products come in both “full spectrum” and “isolate”. A full spectrum product has many additional cannabinoids including the trace amount of THC mentioned above. An isolate is only CBD, all other cannabinoids have been removed.
What happens if you stop taking CBD? If it is helping with pain, anxiety, depression or sleep, then of course you can tell if it is working. However, many of the benefits including the neuro-protective qualities, the reduction of inflammation in the body, improved cardiovascular health and inhibiting cancer cell growth, cannot be felt. But CBD is in there working for you and you should feel healthier over-all.
There have not been any adverse effects that we have been able to find regarding the discontinued use of CBD. Your body will just go back to the way it was prior to when you started taking it. CBD brings the body to homeostasis, so when you cease taking it, you will just go back to being out of balance.
More testing needs to be done and we are not doctors, so none of this is to be construed as medical advice. This is based on research and our personal experiences with working with hundreds of customers and industry advisors.