Comfortably Numb Naturally

Part 1: Endocannabinoid Healing with Cannabis and Diet, to Fight Diverticulitis & IBD.


Over 4 years ago at age 56, I was diagnosed with Diverticulosis and Inflammatory Bowel Disease, a chronic monster unfortunately. Apparently, there is no rhyme or rhythm for how I got this, although I have a few suspicions. I traveled extensively throughout Latin America for over 20 years and experienced a few too many “Montezuma’s revenges.” That along with logging over 1 million miles on just 1 airline by 2012. I wreaked havoc on my digestive system and my posterior!

I have always been a health-conscious eater, been conscious of getting sufficient fiber in my diet and have enjoyed being a highly active person my whole life. But apparently none of this mattered.

Using CBD as the only relief at flare-up

After moving to Portland 2 ½ years ago, I started experiencing the amazing effectiveness of CBD and Cannabis in general, which has helped me manage my IBS disease. I need to add, I stopped taking over-the-counter pain meds and narcotics 5 years ago, my stomach couldn’t handle them.

Starting in May, I would get these painful stomach attacks that took 3 weeks to recover from. I would end up throwing out my whole back and hips, but I pushed through with the help of Hemp based CBD, taking internally about 100mg daily during the worst. I would also use the CBD infused patches and high dosage topicals for spot on relief and was able to function and lesson the problems more and more each day.

Until 6 weeks ago. The pain was too significant, and my husband dragged me to Urgent Care.

It turns out I was having Diverticulitis attacks and this one was bad. I didn’t take my CBD that morning nor did I bring it, wanting the doctors to see the excruciating pain I was in. But then Urgent Care turned into the ER and after not getting any pain relief for over 5 hours, despite having an IV in my arm, I succumbed and took some Morphine and regretted it. The worst headache!

I did take a round of Antibiotics but this flare up was much harder to bounce back from. I was again using Cannabis, mostly high CBD as my medicine but I wanted to do more to prevent these attacks from happening. Diet advice was an issue, doctors told me nada! Apparently, everyone is so unique with this disease and what brings on attacks. What was causing mine and how do I aggressively attack this disease without surgery or pharmaceuticals?

After speaking to two mature women who both put into remission their Crohn’s Disease using RSO oils (RSO or Rick Simpson Oils are super concentrated, full plant, sludge oils used to treat Cancer and other depilating diseases,) I started thinking about looking into this direction for my disease. The bottom line is that Cannabis can help significantly with fighting inflammation, which is a key factor with this disease.

This began my start of the hopeful healing of my Endocannabinoid system.

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