CBD and Cannabis Educator / Consultant For the Senior Market  


It Takes A Senior To Know A Senior!


 FACT: The largest market segment for CBD and Cannabis is the “Senior” Market made up of Baby Boomers and Older.

FACT: They spend more, are consistently loyal to brands and need the medical benefits that Cannabis offers, the MOST.


The Key to reaching this market successfully.



Attract more sales,  work with your senior customers and offer educational services in your community.

PACKAGE:  1½ hour live online or in-shop tutorial, with time for questions and valuable tips, Up to five attendees, Presentation sent in a PDF format, Receive Comfortably Numb’s CBD Presentation to Seniors in a PDF form                PLUS:  Follow-up services for a month.


  • Generational Differences / Attitudes
  • Common Ailments
  • Buying Patterns / Customer Retention
  • Marketing Do’s and Don’ts
  • Adding Educational Service
  • Retirement Homes Gigs
  • Community Involvement
  • Dispensary Sales
  • Retail In-house Presentations

Karen Watts provides an excellent overview of the ways in which to connect with the “wiser” clients.  She combines years of marketing experience with knowledge of cannabis and the potential for healing/feeling better to provide crucial information that will help you to reach Boomers and the Silent Generation. 

Following this presentation I feel more confident in my ability to make a personal connection with this demographic.  Thank you, Karen!

Eric Sudhalter

Owner , Canna World Market