Comfortably Numb Naturally

Comfortably Numb’s Mission 2019

Welcome to the new year and the beginning of the CBD revolution. We started this journey after trying CBD, studying it and witnessing its powerful effects. As we go into our 2nd year, we vow to continue to study, find the best products to sell and EDUCATE.

We sincerely hope our customers will continue to support our efforts and our little business. We are unique in that we offer:

  • The best products for a fair price
  • Free samples with each order
  • Free shipping over $85
  • Personalized service
  • Continuing education
  • Store credit for referrals
  • Coming soon: Loyalty Rewards & Memberships

Yes, there will be CBD everywhere soon. You can buy it at gas stations, specialty stores, gourmet grocers and all over Amazon. BUT many DO NOT KNOW what to look for in a product, how to take it, how to look for its effects and continue it as a daily supplement to their health regimes.

I can never forget the horrid smell of an oil tincture my friend bought at a Fla gas station. I almost gagged, it smelled just like the gasoline that was pumped there.

CBD can work very well to help most people; however, it is not a magic PILL. We see many people start taking it and then stop. We wonder, if these same people take a vitamin and expect it to give them the benefits immediately. CBD should be taken more like a daily vitamin.

A few of our goals coming into this year:

  • White label our own full spectrum oil tinctures under the name –“Numb Drops” and hopefully capsules (Numb Caps) and pre-measured shots (Yep, Numb Shots!)
  • Find tasty Full Spectrum gummies with a 10mg dosage and a 25 or 30mg dosage.
  • Set up a Membership Program with loyalty rewards and personal tracking
  • Stay informed continuously on the science and laws
  • Introduce new and exciting products, first tested by us and our members

We want to sincerely thank all of our customers and those that continue to recommend us. We greatly appreciate the support. Stay Comfortably Numb Naturally.

BY: Karen Watts Nauman