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Comfortably Numb celebrates its 3rd Anniversary

Wow, we can’t believe 3 years ago we started our mission to help our peers learn about CBD and medical Cannabis. Our passion has always been to spread the word of this plant medicine as an excellent alternative to many ‘Big Pharma’ drugs.

As many know this is personal to me, since I’ve lost both a sister and brother largely due to the overprescribing of these drugs. I can never forget the horrible sites of their mangled-up bodies and hideous deaths. The drugs just ate up their bodies.

Because of the above, I choose not to take drugs, making Cannabis my only medicine. I manage chronic IBS issues, a hiatal hernia and arthritic hips all with CBD and Cannabis.

These last 3 years have taught us much, specifically how everyone is affected so differently from using CBD or Cannabis. It warms our heart to also know that we have helped many manage their pain, anxiety/depression, inflammation and alcoholism by using our products.

It so nice to see our generation and our elders slowly change their minds about Cannabis. Some have even tried THC for the first time and like it! Soon we will have nationwide legalization, I just hope that education to the senior market will be implemented more.

CBD’s preventive benefits can help anyone and those that do give it a real chance, stick with it and add it to their daily health routine; usually see improvement. It’s all about the Endocannabinoid System and science.

We are a home based, personalized service, small business; not looking to expand much. (But you can tell your friends!) It is more important to keep our overhead low, so that we can offer lower prices for the highest quality products. We are so pleased with our small batch, organic, 3rd party tested products that come from one of the finest Hemp growers in Oregon, East Fork Cultivars.

As we move forward, we want to emphasize our focus on education. I LOVE teaching my ABC’s of CBD and will always take the time to speak to anyone who wants to listen!

Jeff and I love the CBD lifestyle, it’s helped our health and our dog’s health. We are excited to continue offering education and damn good products.

As always, thanks for listening!

Karen & Jeff

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