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CBD & Athletic Recovery

Each time we do physical activity, our body breaks itself down in order to build itself back up. The results from our body’s immune response to healing itself can leave us feeling sore, lethargic and sometimes exhausted. Basically, dealing with post-workout inflammation sucks!

Athletes apply great stress to their bodies leading to pain and inflammation greater than what their endocannabinoid system can handle. Adding a phytocannabinoid such as CBD may help this overloaded system get the neurotransmitters back under control. This can help athletes maintain homeostasis.

In the past after an intense workout, most would have just tossed back 2 or 3 Ibuprofen and called it a day. But these NSAID drugs are dangerous, especially when used regularly. They are effective, but they’re also killing people.

“I can attest to this after I busted my knee skiing and continued to beat my body up trying to keep fit, I took these drugs like candy. I ended up with chronic IBS, but thanks to CBD, it is under control. My health and anxiety improved in all ways and now I can continue to be a strong, flexible and active “silver athlete.”

While clinical research is still a process, CBD is already being widely adopted by pro-athletes, regular gym-goers, and weekend warriors. Several studies have shown that CBD plays a huge role in suppressing cytokine, and chemokine production, while increasing the body’s T-regulatory cell production, in turn, helping our body’s anti-inflammatory mechanism.

Also, CBD seems to have a much greater antioxidant effect than vitamin C or vitamin D, so many athletes are using this to deal with inflammation. However, even though CBD can be used specifically for rehab purposes, it could soon become an essential component of a healthy lifestyle.

Starting at the beginning of 2018, the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) removed CBD from the list of prohibited substances

CBD holds multiple potential benefits for post-workout recuperation, including:

  • Improved recovery, especially in cases of injury
  • Reduction of pain – a common occurrence after hard training
  • Reduction of muscle spasms
  • Improved sleep
  • May be effective for reducing gut irritation.

A Dab of CBD a Day to Keep the Doctor Away!

BY: Karen Watts Nauman