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Cannabis Advancements: Dosing, Other Cannabinoids, NanoTechnology

Cannabis science is exciting, we threw ourselves into learning everything we could when we opened Comfortably Numb and continue to actively learn. Dosing suggestions have evolved, powerful delivery methods such as Nanotechnology have become more available, new products have been added and lesser-known cannabinoids are being introduced.

After 3 years of working with CBD, I noticed the more medical issues a person has the more CBD they need. People who are relatively healthy, eat well, exercise, meditate and don’t have major or chronic issues, can easily improve their health, and stay healthy with a small daily dose of 10-20mg full spectrum CBD.

Then you have people like me with chronic IBD, arthritic hips and anxiety disorder who need more to stay off meds and control my disease. I take 40-80mg daily, but this is low compared to others with more serious issues. One young lady with Crohn’s disease and full-blown MS takes up to 600mg daily to stay off the massive number of pills she was prescribed before she said, “no to drugs.”

The emergence of the many other cannabinoids and their powerful entourage effects with CBD fascinates me. I tried CBG last year after a painful diverticulitis attack and found it effective in dealing with the pain. Now CBN is making its debut and many are finding it great for sleep, anxiety, and arthritis. When you combine CBD, CBG & CBN it makes for one of the most powerful combinations of cannabinoids to super charge one’s health.

I love our oil tinctures and believe this method to be the great, but I can’t take oils. I’d been looking for an alternative to get the biggest benefit the fastest and found oral mouth strips. This method allows for quick absorption, convenience, and a potent amount of full spectrum nano CBD. Next up…suppositories (maybe not!)

Nano CBD is a molecule coated with very small particles such as Liposomes or lipid nanoparticles (LNPs,) that stabilized the CBD and can move it through blood faster than “naked” CBD, to effectively reach the targeted receptor. Not only does this produce faster absorption but it stays in the body longer and has a higher bioavailability. We were so excited to find a great company to work with for our new line of Numb Nano products.

Cannabis plant medicine is forever evolving. I’ve felt and seen the amazing results especially as we age. I plan on keeping our customers informed and promise we will always strive to have the best products. It’s all about education, thanks for reading.

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