Coming Out of The Green Closet

Ongoing series showcasing experiences of seniors proudly healing themselves with cannabis. What has been their journey to embracing this holistic healing technique?

We start this series interviewing a dear friend of mine for over 18 years. Debi is a healthy 68-year-old living in So. Cal. She is married, retired from a long nursing career a few years ago, eats a mostly plant-based diet, uses holistic healing and is very active.

Debi has been an active cannabis user on and off for many years. It was something we both enjoyed sharing all these years, but I wanted to know her journey to this path. Debi explained, “I was 24 when I had my first experience with marijuana. I had just moved to CA from Michigan; I remember I laughed so much I cried. But I was busy raising 3 children, so I didn’t partake again until into my 30’s.”  

“For years I coached soccer and injured my knee many times, leading to 8 knee surgeries. I tried marijuana again and found that it helped with the pain and depression. I hated the feeling of prescription drugs, so I decided to continue using it. My husband and I enjoyed it socially as well, but I kept my usage low.”

Moving on with Debi’s story, what made her increase her dosage? “After my divorce at 48, I was very depressed. Doctors put me on SSRI’s and sleep meds, which I hated but I wanted to get better. I hadn’t used cannabis in years but remembered it had helped in the past. Our state went medical, I got a card and started increasing my use, which then helped me over a course of a year to finally get off of these meds.”

I asked her about adding CBD to her cannabis therapy. She stated, “As a medical professional I was able to take advantage of the cannabis education that was offered and learned of CBD and its unique healing properties. A few years ago, I started using it internally and externally regularly. I noticed CBD helped with the many problems both past and present, that comes with an aging woman athlete. I play tennis 3-4 times a week, daily walk my dog and do yoga.”

She went on to explain more, “I have taken CBD for post op pain for a hernia operation, for back and knee pain and for a recent broken foot. It replaces the worry about getting addicted to opioids or suffering the side effects of them.” She always has a strong CBD oil tincture and a topical cream handy for everyday aches but still appreciates her marijuana and the THC, which has been an amazing antidepressant for her.

Debi sums it all up, “Cannabis allows me to keep active by controlling the aches and pains that come with being an active mature woman! And it makes me happy!