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"I hear you're feeling down, well I can ease your pain, get you on your feet again." Pink Floyd
Specializing In Seniors

Baby Boomers; Karen Watts Nauman & Jeff  Nauman are the founders of Comfortably Numb CBD, started in Portland, Oregon 5 years ago.

Prior to Covid, for 3 years Karen taught The ABCs of CBD at senior centers, retirement homes and private gatherings in Portland, So. Cal, and Florida. 

For 3 years, they sold a Comfortably Numb hemp CBD line of  super high quality, boutique products,  online and in person. 
Oregon Grown Organically,          Third Party Tested,          Full Spectrum 

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Now based in Lake Chapala, Jalisco, Mexico... a new division of Comfortably Numb is born
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Educational Service Working in Partnership with SOMOSCBD products

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Organically grown in Colorado, US Veteran owned, 3rd Party tested, full spectrum

To purchase any of our past products (different names) and so much more, go to The Brothers Apothecary. Use code: NUMB to receive 25% off all products.
Code can be used indefinitely. Any problems or questions, contact us.  

To purchase Dr. Dean's CBD Pain patches, click here: 
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